Superstition ★★★★

Dangit this was way more entertaining than it should have been!

Early 80's supernatural horror about a family moving to an old house that's haunted by a violent witch. An inspector and a young reverend who looks like a member of Sloan are trying to figure out what the heck is going on, whose behind the murders (is it that weirdo caretaker?), and where everybody is going!

First off the witch-like old lady Elvira next door seems like she's transplanted straight out of Kill Baby Kill, inserting some nice gothic vibes which are later fleshed out even more with those killer backstory flashbacks on the witch and why she's such a grump!

I also couldn't help but feel like there's a bit of an Argento influence, surely homeboy who directed this was feeling Suspiria with the whole witch laying down mysterious-yet-gory kills. This went even further when the crazy climax of the film was drenched in the colour blue, bringing some much needed style to the film.

The moments between shocks/kills are admittedly dry, with some of the characters lacking some goofy or creepy charm, but luckily they remedy this with keeping the shock-to-dry ratio rather high. I often felt like whenever I was starting to get bored something bad ass would happen immediately, and like I said with that crazy climax, once that hit the screen I realized this was a stone cold banger of a supernatural horror.

Someone put this out on blu-ray NOWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P . S . Double Feature this with Witchery for an ultimate night of witchy mayhem!

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