Night of the Zombies

Night of the Zombies ★★★★


First of all. What is this movie even called? The blu-ray I bought says Hell of the Living Dead, on here it's called Night of the Zombies (but Virus in brackets) and then as you can see with the cover art it's also called Zombie Creeping Flesh.
So surely that's a sign that this movie is pure glorious magic cinema at its finest.

I had no idea really what to expect as this was my first Bruno Mattei film and everything points to his work all being total b-movie trash.
Ya know what though - he's actually a decent director!
For all this films flaws, it's really well shot and entertaining.
One of the least dry (didn't want to say "most wet" for obvious reasons, OH SHIT I JUST SAID IT!) Italian horror films I've seen in quite some time.

The story is pretty standard as it rips off a lot from Dawn of the Dead and Zombi. So all you really need to know is there are a team of commandos, a journalist and her cameraman, and a bunch of zombies. Most of the film takes place in Papua New Guinea but also gets some good time in the city and at a factory. Really flexing locations here and I liked it.

I really liked the acting a lot. It was always entertaining by how dramatic it was or how goofy it was. You've really got to get a taste for that special dubbed-in-English cheesy acting that you see in these films but once you do then something like this will hit the spot.

There's plenty of decent gore and action but the zombies look terrible and are mostly just goofy. The commandos are all hilarious too though with their little hats and constant hijinks.

A lot of the score is lifted from Dawn of the Dead and Beyond the Darkness which should be a glaring flaw but I love that music so keep bringing it Mattei!

Overall this was surprisingly entertaining, zero dread but more of a charming and fun zombie film that I will definitely be returning to.
Highly recommended!

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