Human Traffic ★★★

Feels like a late 90's Stoner Comedy via blatantly ripping off of Trainspotting.
I used to watch this one a bunch on TV when it first came out as this type of movie is always at least slightly enjoyable (anything remotely funny with people partying in it is kinda comforting, no?).

Unfortunately when it's trying to be edgy you can practically hear "Halcyon On & On" by Orbital getting warmed up on the speakers as some bloke is waxing on about the importance of dropping out from mainstream culture and plugging into a drug-fuelled existence.

So yes, this one gets masssssively C.R.I.N.G.E.
When it's just a goofy look at a bunch of friends in Wales having an epic night on the town then it's not that bad. I'm certain I will come across this in 10 years and have a moderately good time watching it again.

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