From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

Now cemented as a yearly watch, it was such a treat to unleash this on my fiancé as she had never fully seen it before.

I love how its a total genre experiment where the diehard fans watch the uninitiated unravel when the calamity ensues in the most FX drenched way.
It's amazing how this violent ride can still give me such an adrenaline rush after all these years as soon as the staff of the Titty Twister transform into demonic vampires.

What really makes this one stand up is honestly the writing. Tarantino kills it with his nuanced characters and a narrative that builds towards ultimate catharsis. Also helps that the performances are practically perfect, especially Harvey Keitel as the soft-spoken father/ex-pastor with razor sharp convictions.

If anything almost sinks it, as I've probably mentioned in past reviews, it's the music. Steph was cringing through the live band moments and I worried the spell wasn't going to work on her - luckily it did though as she told me halfway through the bloodshed, "I regret not seeing this sooner, this is so much fun!"
She also commented about Tom Savini, "I love how his name is Sex Machine but he's so respectful." Dope.

With Scream as my #1 favourite horror movie of the 90's, I can safely say this one is my #2 and I look forward to watching it every year.

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