From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

I love this movie and I absolutely needed this viewing tonight. Damn.

Seeing this film back in the summer of 1996, I was 11 years old and this BLEW MY MIND! It felt like the coolest and most terrifying film to ever exist. Like a rollercoaster ride of pure terror where you're shot with adrenaline all throughout the film.

Hadn't done a proper watch of this in a few years and really wanted to watch something a bit more serious and like a freight train of awesome!
It still hit the spot: that tight opening scene that erupts in violence, the thorough introduction and set up of all the characters, and then just slightly after the hour mark when the shit hits the fan and we have ourselves a full-blown vampire film slammed with gore, guts, and grief!

The fx are really top notch in this one, it feels like one of the last solid films of the practical fx era. The vampires get more and more horrific as the film goes on, with the last batch of vampires in demon mode that still creeps me the fuck out.

While everyone does a great job with the acting, it's really George Clooney and Harvey Keitel whose performances make the film what it is. It's almost as if these contradictory characters sum up the genre-mash-up of this film entirely: Clooney is all bravado and catch phrases recalling the testosterone-fuelled camp of genre films, while Keitel is so raw and soft-spoken that he grounds every scene in a sensitive realism full of moral ambiguity that you'd more often seen in a drama.

It's that sensitivity and extra time given with these characters that makes every death that much more painful and in some cases disturbing to watch. It's hard to pull that off and the first film that comes to mind that also nailed that element would be Scream - another 1996 Dimension film. Hey - maybe the 90's weren't so bad for horror after all?

There are definitely flaws to this film. I'm sure it'll be a bit too dated or even cheesy for someone who has never seen this before attempting a first time viewing in 2018. I also used to really hate the music when watching the past few times but now I don't mind it.

This film is an absolute classic and as you will see it's firmly in my top 50 horror films of all time and will not be budging.

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