Evil Ed

Evil Ed ★★★½

Surprisingly solid horror/comedy that does not hold back on gore/fx.

Edward is a film editor assigned to work on the new Loose Limbs series of horror films after the previous editor killed himself with a hand grenade. These horror films are insane li'l torture porn flicks and poor Ed is getting warped by editing day and night with all the flashes of violence and sex.
Soon enough this turns Ed into Evil Ed and the movie takes off in slasher/action mode as he starts picking everybody off.

I was really surprised by how well paced this was. Its fairly even and not as dry as you'd expect for a film that has some fairly bad dubbing and lighting. Although the dubbing did have its charm to it and didn't take away from Johan Rudebeck's solid performance as Ed.

The effects and gore are really fun too, plenty of blood but also plenty of random creatures that pop up as he is slowly losing his mind.
The whole film had an early Peter Jackson vibe to it as it was pretty damn wacky and intentionally funny and knew how to ramp up the action appropriately.

My main issue was probably the score. It really dried out a lot of the film. There were so many moments where I felt like what I was seeing on screen was 10/10 but felt like 6/10 and the score had to be the reason why. Too sparse and too corny. Oh well.

Either way really enjoyed this one and look forward to repeat viewings when I eventually purchase that Arrow Video blu-ray. It's a very meta concept that tries to dissect morality/violence in horror films but doesn't get too heady as it pours heaps of gore and insanity to sizzle away the noggin-scratching of it's message.

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