Arachnophobia ★★★½

Hadn't watched this one since I was a wee lad. Glad that it still holds up as a solid piece of entertainment.

Following a b-movie type plot, reminding me of both Slugs AND Squirm, we watch as Jeff Daniels and his family move from San Francisco to a small town and then have to deal with a major spider problem that's killing off some peeps.
This one is a comedy forward comedy/horror with major 1990 vibes and somewhat family friendly, which is only spoiled a bit by the fact that it's a mainstream big studio film.
So luckily it's got some great thrills, great fx, and great acting, but lacks the charm and wacky feel of a legit b-movie.

Jeff Daniels manages to carry the film with his astounding chops. All the exposition heavy dialogue he just rips into it like it's oozing with character and realism.
Julian Sands was a welcome addition but John Goodman was sorely underused! He barely got to kick any spider heiney let alone drop enough memorable lines. The man is a legend! I guess you gotta watch those old Cohen Bros films to see Goodman on fire.

All in all a great time despite its flaws and would recommend to anyone looking for a slice of 90's family/horror.

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