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  • Meshes of the Afternoon

    Meshes of the Afternoon


    Easily one of the best short films ever made of all time. Maya Deren plucks 14 minutes of monochromatic speed-dream alchemy right out of a grim reaper's glittery skull. This thing sails through a haunted house like a slo-mo dance routine, then keeps throwing psychological knives right into your soul. The imagery is just perfect.

    However, the score doesn't quite do any favours. Since there is no sound FX present outside of the added music, it's basically ready for you…

  • Inferno




    So here it is. This is the live score I wrote for Inferno. Performed live in a movie theatre in Toronto last October but now with plague-life reducing us to strictly home viewing, I've assembled a revised/improved version so you can stream it at your own convenience.

    First Off: Play As Loud As Humanly Possible - OR - HEADPHONES!
    Actually, headphones would be my go to choice, anything to ensure the bass is overwhelming and all details can be…

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  • Beyond Terror

    Beyond Terror


    1980 Spanish exploitation/horror hybrid that delivers a posse of filth into the catacombs for that punishing Satanic cleanse like no other.

    A trio of thugs and a posh couple they've taken hostage are on the run after a grisly diner robbery results in a floor filled with corpses, including two dead cops. They end up at a house in the countryside inhabited by an old woman and her grandson and lay on some playful torment. The thugs then get spooked…

  • Mommie Dearest

    Mommie Dearest


    This campy nightmare chronicles Joan Crawford's abusive relationship with her adopted daughter Christina.
    Subjecting her to harsh standards right from the minute she enters her life, Crawford's cruelty only escalates. As a woman who lived to have the last word, she in turn left her children in a perpetual state of Stockholm Syndrome from her harrowing behaviour.

    What's interesting to me is that this has the reputation of being so over the top that it's hilarious - and that is…

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  • Aliens



    James Cameron's sequel to that classic interstellar nightmare shatters Ridley's Scott austere dread into schlocky shards of 80's action. Hop into your exo-suit and prepare for a banger!

    Ripley's been saved after 57 years spent sleeping in a cryogenic chamber. The seedy corporation that's found her doesn't believe her hellish accounts though - that tried-and-true horror trope of a traumatized victim not being heard.
    Contact has been cut between the colony that now resides on that supposedly alien-infested moon, so…

  • Impetigore



    Yet another chilling devastator from the Indo-Horror scene, Joko Anwar's folkloric tale will fester under your skin and split your senses over a bed of dried bones.

    A terrifying opener introduces us to our main character, Maya, who soon finds out she might have inherited a large house rfom her estranged parents off in a village called Harjosari. Maya and her friend Dini travel there to discover if this is true, a journey that lands them in the thick of…