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  • Dr. Caligari
  • Bones Brigade: An Autobiography
  • Funeral Parade of Roses
  • Maniac

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  • RoboCop 2


  • Demons


  • Zoom In: Rape Apartments

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  • Demons



    New episode of SPLIT YOUR HEAD is up and ready for your eyes/ears! This time we've got the always fabulous Amy Hensarling to talk about "Midnight Movies" after she recently completed a podcast series on the topic. Things start very academic and then devolve into something... well.. very silly and unhinged. Like a bunch of kids staying up past midnight. Fun times!

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  • Thriller: A Cruel Picture

    Thriller: A Cruel Picture


    Okay, not a review per se, but what's more thrilling than a PODCAST?

    That's right friends, our podcast SPLIT YOUR HEAD is finally rolling out of the gate and into the streets for your consumption.
    The first episode features myself and Brundle Fly aka Jeremiah Rosario as we chat about Thriller: A Cruel Picture and a few other films we had just recently watched.
    A "Cold Opener", if you will. In a couple weeks we'll release our next episode, which is our first interview.

    Listen here or Watch here.

Recent reviews

  • RoboCop 2

    RoboCop 2


    I remember watching that episode of The Movies That Made Us about Robocop where they explained how Paul Verhoeven initially passed on directing it because it was "exactly what he hated about Hollywood films". It was his wife who urged him to give the script another read and dig deeper, to see how fertile it was for his specific brand of acidic satire and poignant genre dissection.

    So now, with Irvine Kershner's sequel, it seems as though the ball is…

  • Zoom In: Rape Apartments

    Zoom In: Rape Apartments

    Been a hot minute since I've watched one of these Nikkatsu Roman Pornos; bizarre exercises in terrifying sleaze, like a moody Giallo being invaded by soft-core (or vice-versa?). Emphasis on "invaded".

    Here we follow a murderer/rapist who is burning women's genitals in a very desolate looking suburb. It's pretty clear who the murderer is, completely deflating the mystery of what would steer it towards a Giallo, but his leather gloves and shadowy presence remains constant as he brandishes devastating misogyny…

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  • Evil Dead Trap

    Evil Dead Trap


    Late 80's Japanese ultra-banger supernatural-slasher industrial-nightmare. Get your hyphens ready, cutie-pie! This one mixes all the right ingredients together for that ultimate brain rot.
    Nami, a late night TV host, receives a mysterious VHS tape containing the real deal: a snuff film of a woman's eye getting brutally punctured in an abandoned warehouse. Intrigue levels skyrocket, leading Nami to bring a small production crew out to investigate this decrepit setting where she's certain the filming took place.
    Sure enough, she's right,…

  • Inferno




    So here it is. This is the live score I wrote for Inferno. Performed live in a movie theatre in Toronto last October but now with plague-life reducing us to strictly home viewing, I've assembled a revised/improved version so you can stream it at your own convenience.

    First Off: Play As Loud As Humanly Possible - OR - HEADPHONES!
    Actually, headphones would be my go to choice, anything to ensure the bass is overwhelming and all details can be…