Logan ★★★★½

You might want to check out "Logan," even if you skipped previous X-Men films or are unfamiliar with the comic. The film takes place a few years in the future, when Professor X (Patrick Stewart) can't control his powers due to some sort of dementia, and he's being cared for by a dutiful Caliban and loyal but weary Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Suddenly their lives are complicated by a little mutant girl who is on the run from the government. It's not nearly as heavy on action as you might expect given the genre, and there's plenty of believable and effective character building and emotion, something we don't see nearly enough of in superhero movies. If this is to be Jackman's last Wolverine film, we can certainly give him credit for making it his best. Young Dafne Keen is amazing too, playing little Laura with a perfect mix of seriousness, vulnerability and menace ... kinda wish she was around when they were making "Let Me In."

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