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This review may contain spoilers.

Sometimes these dissecty type movies are better when you don't overthink them. Enjoy the images, acting and dialogue and try not to get too confused as there's technically no correct interpretation. Two compelling, fascinating characters yet nothing that's all too deep for me in this one. It's about sex. Or more the animistic, corporeal feelings and behaviours of a human. Dodd is disgusted and ashamed by them yet is drawn to Freddie who more or less lives by them. There's little restriction or rationality in Freddie's actions. He's a puppet to his subliminal desires. Barely any ego. Yet needs someone to latch onto all the same. This is in contrast to Dodd who builds a full ass cult in order to find distinguishing meaning to his simple being. I like how I started off hanging on Dodds every word, compelled by his genius, before slowly becoming more and more aware of his bullshit. Hoffman and Phoenix were immense.

Me in 6 weeks time.


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