Blade ★★½

For some reason the disc like fucking broke or something so it didn't let me watch the last 30 minutes no matter how many times I tried to get back to it but whatever. The opening absolutely rips and all I could think was that Wesley Snipes rules, and then it got really boring. I totally get the hype but the story nearly lulled me to sleep. Blade looks sick as fuck and he kicks ass, and I like a lot of aspects of this movie, but they didn't come together for me because the main plot about the Chosen One and basically anything focused on the villain vampires bore the shit out of me. I saw someone say that the villains were complex while the heroes weren't but I call bullshit. I thought Deacon Frost and his crew were boring as hell, not that the actors did a bad job, I just didn't feel anything. Some truly rocking action sequences and a lot of potential but it fell flat for me. I own the whole trilogy but I'm not sure I'll be coming back to it anytime soon. Wish there'd been more to it, though. One thing I liked is that it felt more original for a while and the R Rating really boosts this. Mahershala Ali rocks, but I can't imagine the MCU giving him any deserving material, especially considering how Blade and his comics can barely be considered superhero stories. I'll be disappointed if, or rather when, a further sterilized and bland adaptation of Blade gets put to screen. Vanessa and Whistler are cool, wanted to see more of them with Blade. Goyer's writing sometimes is top notch and sometimes is searingly mediocre, but that's how it goes. His earlier writing is more of a mixed bag than later stuff at least.

I'm in a very mean mood. Or have been for a few days. Lots of movies shall suffer my wrath. But don't let me dissuade you from watching this or any of the trilogy -- I'm sure there are a lot of different perspectives to gather. I just wanted more out of this, mainly from the writing and directing department. Wesley Snipes really does kill it here. He does a great job.

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