Favorite films

  • Twentieth Century
  • The Bank Dick
  • Boudu Saved from Drowning
  • Big Business

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  • Casablanca

  • Stop Making Sense


  • Blade Runner


  • Fargo

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  • Fargo


    "ah jeez" is to fargo what "okay then" is to raising arizona.

  • The Flash

    The Flash

    i didn't watch this a second time, i went back and finished it bc, like a cinematic marine, i leave no movie behind.

    the flash paradox: barry allen can't use his powers to go back in time to save his mom, but he can use his inter-dimensional time slowing powers to save babies. ok.

    anyway, this thing is a mess from beginning to end. when flash uses his speed, the vfx distract. it's lightning and blur and energy everywhere. bryan…

Popular reviews

  • Dredd



    Dredd walks away from 150 dead civilians and drug dealers, multiple bodies mutilated, tortured, and thrown off 80-story balconies, massive property damage, psychic sexual abuse, blown-off hands, gory eye-gouges, and four cop executions.

    Chief Judge: "So, what happened in there?”

    Dredd: "Drug bust."

  • Barbie


    idk who I feel worse for, the professional heels who forced themselves to hate barbie for their incel audience, or the disappointed ppl who sigh bc gerwig’s barbie didn’t take down mattel’s barbie empire and just helped the corporate ogre sell more toys.

    to the former, I say, relax, you know the patriarchy is still here when ryan gosling can steal a movie called barbie. to the latter, i say, take it from a gen xr, all you can do is deconstruct…