The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III ★½

In all fairness, The Godfather Part III wasn’t really the fault of Francis Ford Coppola. His 1982 musical drama One from the Heart, despite coming only three years after the incredibly successful Apocalypse Now, bombed so badly that he was soon facing serious financial issues, leaving him with only two options: direct, produce, and co-write (with, as always, Mario Puzo, author of the novels from which the Godfather films came) another Godfather film like Paramount really wanted him to do, or live the rest of his life nearly penniless.

Obviously, he chose the former option, and took in about $83 million in the box office as a result. Good for him, but since the resulting product is a dull, thoroughly muddled mess that has no other reason to exist, not so good for all the rest of us.

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