Riders of Justice

Riders of Justice ★★★½

This is an impressive bit of work. Writer/director Jensen shows again his deft skill with drama and dark humor funneled this time through a story of vengeance, shattered lives, of the need for acknowledgment and recognition, and questions about how we justify our questionable actions.
Mads Mikkelsen once again shows he's among our finest actors, and certainly at or near the top of my favorites list. His ability to convey so much through that very expressive face along with his delivery of lines that fit every situation so well and his physical presence make him a clear leading man. Kaas, Gadeberg, Bro and the very funny Brygmann are strong in their roles as well as the tech men who believe nearly everything can be proven through technology, that 'numbers never lie', and the grieving daughter growing further away from her aggressive, disturbed father whose life is based more around destruction than healing. 3.7 stars