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This review may contain spoilers.

when i was watching this, i was only focused on caden’s life, not really focusing on any other details being thrown out by either news reports, newpapers, or characters in the background who reappear in an important role later. it wasn’t until after the film was over that truman said that there were so many little details, like how the world was basically ending if you listened closely to the news reports. the passage of time that goes through in this movie is unique as you can’t really tell when it happens, unless its really obvious when it does. the first scene alone jumps through like 2 months and thats only in like 5 minutes. in 2 hours we see a man who’s afraid of death see his loved ones pass, and that is truly one of the most terrifying things ever brought out on film. also credit to truman for clearing things up for me because after the movie ended i was really confused.

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