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  • The Wages of Fear
  • Prospero's Books
  • The Moderns
  • Alice

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  • Near Dark

  • The Shining


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  • Malignant


    Had a blast with this one, not really sure of the common consensus but I've heard some say it's so exaggerated it has to be parody, which I think is a misguided interpretation at best and at worst plain wrong. If anything its own cliche horror movie trappings risk dragging it down at points, as well as its overall aesthetic clarity and slickness (if you were truly embracing the bit you wouldn't be this competent about it), but there are…

  • On the Silver Globe

    On the Silver Globe


    Zulawski's magnum opus. Like if Tarkovsky huffed glue or had a cinematic lovechild with Jodorowsky in the form of the 2001 starbaby etc etc.
    But it's unfinished?
    Good. Directly reinforces its themes of suppression and corruption within the narrative, elevates it in a meta way
    It's just a bunch of Polish dudes yelling philosophical jargon?
    Once you figure out the plot it's actually pretty easy to get the gist, you're filtered if you think the crazy performance art aspect isn't a highlight anyway

    This is so fucking kino and I'm tired of people pretending it's not

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  • Naked



    Leigh highlights the most depraved aspects of human nature in grimy, unflinching fashion while bringing lifelike characters that others would deem trashy lowlifes to the screen; by treating these people as human beings with their own distinct quirks, attributes and life philosophies, he counteracts the crushing bleakness of an apathetic, drone-like society that feels just as pressing today than ever, bringing an infectious energy that could only be conjured up by someone with a genuinely empathetic view of their fellow…

  • Berserk



    Necessary disclaimer: Yes, this is spoiler-free; no, the manga isn’t relevant here. Having been pitched and followed through with as a single season, the ’97 series essentially functions as a ten-hour film with its own narrative, thematic and emotional consistency, and holds substantial weight independent of outside context. Despite having segued into the source material since my initial viewing, I’ll be omitting direct comparisons in order to approach this through the lens of the standalone piece it is, and for…