Tombstone ★★★★

Tombstone is topped with more greasy cheese than your average Costco pizza but man is that cheese tasty.

Oh my God this cast! Kurt Russell, Bill Paxton, Sam Elliot, Val Kilmer, Michael Biehn, Michael Rooker, Powers Booth, and Billy Bob Thornton in a cameo role. So many terrific actors and they all put in their best effort. Much has been said about Val Kilmer's portrayle of the tuberculosis afflicted Doc Holliday but he really nails it out of the park by not only being a sharp-tongued badass but also convincing as a man who's dedicated to living everyday as if it's his last.

Packed with rootin' tootin' action and a lean, pacy script, Tombstone remains remarkably high energy. While I think the romance between Wyatt Earp and Josephine could've used some work, the real emotional hook here is the friendship bond with Earp and Holliday. Russell and Kilmer play off each other extremely well and create the most heartfelt scene in the film.

Tombstone fucking rocks.

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