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  • Twilight


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  • Twilight


    Abysmal. Terrible acting, directing, incoherent plot. What was up with the weird B story about the hero being the wingman for everyone at her school, when she had known them all for maybe a week?

    This would be a good movie to show your children as a punishment. Offer it up like "Look, you can be grounded for a week, or watch Twilight, and answer a quiz at the end so I know you didn't just stare at the screen and enter a dissociative state as a survival mechanism."

  • 30 Days of Night

    30 Days of Night

    Better than I remembered it was. An interesting spin on a vampire movie. It does drag at points, and the CGI leaves something to be desired. But it's a 2007 film.

    I am not a big fan of vampire horror movies, and I found it enjoyable. Worth a watch hungover on a sunday afternoon.

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  • Trick or Treat

    Trick or Treat

    No guys, not the new horror anthology.

    Trick or Treat should have been better, but the lead comes off as wholly unlikable. The Whiney prototype for an incel. Thank god for Tony Fields performance in this film. He knew what movie he was in, and ran with it.

    Another great soundtrack, some fun kills, decent cameos by Ozzy, and a sleepwalking Gene Simmons. Worth a watch, but not a lot else.

  • House of the Dead

    House of the Dead

    The internet all decided that they would unleash hot fury upon Uwe Boll for attacking their sacred cow, video games. And such a stellar example of a video game. Known for it's deep, and engrossing story, complex characters, and poignant relatable overall message.

    Or was it the game where you just shoot zombies on the screen with a gun? Yeah, that's the one. Look, this movie isn't great, but it also isn't cancer aids. There are a few genuine laughs,…