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This review may contain spoilers.

ok so some things worked and other things did not work but it was an original script and it was well put together and well acted, and it found a nice balance between scary and funny which is rare. it was not an instant classic for me the same way Get Out was but it was a very charming film.

edit: after thinking about it more i actually have several problems with this movie. first of all, it is never explained why the Tethered were forced to live a life of mindlessly copying their aboveground counterparts’ movements, but somehow were able to cease copying the movements on the day of the Untethering. presumably the boy was able to control his Tethered counterpart’s movements when they were both above ground because he was half-Tether, but if that was the case then why couldn’t his sister also control her Tethered’s movements the same way since she would be half-Tether as well? additionally, wHERE THE FUCK DID THEY GET ALL OF THOSE JUMPSUITS AND GLOVES AND SCISSORS????? did they just amazon prime them to the underground tunnels that nobody knows about even though the entrance to said tunnels is seemingly not even secured by any sort of lock and is only blocked by an escalator? where did they get the money to buy all of those jumpsuits if the entire project had been abandoned by whoever started it in the first place. and if it was abandoned, how were the underground facilities where they were kept kept so clean? why wasnt there piles of rabbit shit on the floor? why wasnt there piss and shit all over the walls from decades of neglect? hm? hMMMM?????? and what exactly was so special about Red that made her able to stop copying her counterpart’s movements and go up the escalator in rhe first place????? and WHERE DID THEY GET THOSE JUMPSUITS????????????