Elvis ★★★★

Bloated and self-indulgent. Tonally bizarre and paced like a highlight reel. Completely bonkers and totally electric. I saw the trailers for this every single time I went to see Top Gun (which was...many times) and consistently thought it looked absolutely insufferable. Finally decided to give the movie a shot and immediately realized that it's an enraptured tale of worlds colliding and Lurmann's aesthetic is just as gaudy and lavish as Elvis himself. Easily the best of these musical biopics in years. Tom Hanks is playing a total cartoon character and I loved every second of it. Definitely skims over some would-have-been-interesting moral complexity and at times feels a little disconnected from the internal state of Elvis himself - but I think this almost works better as a portrait of a fascinating nexus point in history than a biopic of the headspace of Elvis Presley. Either way, I had a great time.

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