Favorite films

  • A Night to Dismember
  • Blonde Death
  • Tales from the Quadead Zone
  • I Was a Teenage Serial Killer

Recent activity

  • Demon Monkey

  • Shriek of the Mutilated

  • A Nightmare on Drug Street

  • Asian Girls

Recent reviews

  • Demon Monkey

    Demon Monkey

    DEMON MONKEY is like, well, a barrel of monkeys. It’s a good time. There’s liberal use of a dummy, surprise monster effects, stop-motion gore, primate transformations, and a guy obsessed with garlic who takes a shower with his clothes on. What more could you possibly want? While at times the film does get a little chatty and repetitive, and plot points are rehashed several times, DEMON MONKEY consistently delivers. It’s fun to watch Barry Prima duke it out with a…

  • Shriek of the Mutilated

    Shriek of the Mutilated

    Whenever I sit down with SHRIEK OF THE MUTILATED, it’s like I’m watching for the first time. The hairs on my neck stand up. I feel exhilarated. And in perfect conjunction with those feelings, I want to tell everyone I know about what it is that I’m experiencing, so that they, too, may experience it for themselves. This is a dirt-cheap, surreal gore movie directed, photographed, and edited by scum wizards Michael and Roberta Findlay (THE FLESH TRILOGY, SNUFF) and…

Popular reviews

  • Halloween Party

    Halloween Party

    HALLOWEEN PARTY is a minimalist slasher that features stolen music from HALLOWEEN, 8-bit text crawls, and a cast of real-life teenagers who talk very fast. While it follows the basic template of other shot-on-video hangout slashers like BLOOD LAKE, HALLOWEEN PARTY is less of a “real movie” and more of a “home movie.” That’s what makes it cross the threshold from a charming curiosity to a time-warp treasure chest that overflows with Halloween mood. Like GIRLS AT THE CARNIVAL and…

  • Boardinghouse


    Just sharing this to commemorate the day that we released BOARDINGHOUSE on Blu-ray with AGFA! We still can’t believe it’s a real thing that happened.

    One of the movies that inspired the launch of Bleeding Skull, BOARDINGHOUSE is a hallucinogenic maelstrom of madness from director-producer-actor John Wintergate and writer-producer-leading-lady Kalassu. It’s also the first shot-on-video horror film to be blown up to 35mm and released theatrically. We’re ecstatic to bring the 35mm theatrical cut to home video for the first…