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  • Om Shanti Om

    Om Shanti Om


    This whole movie felt super meta, constantly playing off of Bollywood tropes in some shape or another. A couple notable examples include the double roles and the reincarnations. The only real issue I have with it is that it does feel lengthy, however that could very well be intentional, so as to go along with the trope of Bollywood movies often pushing the 3 hour mark.

  • Africa, I Will Fleece You

    Africa, I Will Fleece You


    This was a really insightful look into the deep cultural, personal, economic, and political impacts of colonialism and the effect it had on Cameroon and the rest of Africa. Even with the end of colonialism, this documentary goes into the problems that Cameroon faces as an independent country, such as corruption and the crackdown on human rights. It was also done pretty creatively. I debated giving this a slightly higher rating, but a 3.5/5 felt right due to the amount of personal impact among other things. Overall, pretty good, especially for a documentary.

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  • Elephant



    This movie walked so An Elephant Sitting Still could run.

  • Burning



    It's so easy to get yourself lost in the atmosphere that director Lee Chang-dong has made. The shots are all utterly surreal. The movie's a slow burn for sure, but it is intriguing and filled with tension the whole time. By the time you finished watching it, the story's so beautifully unclear that it's definitely fun to theorize about.