Halloween ★★★★

Halloween doesn't scare. This might be odd for what's considered by several to be the greatest horror film of all time, but the scare factor doesn't matter here. The atmosphere is unparalleled and the film holds up today, mostly thanks to brilliant camerawork and a stellar score. The first scene (the best part of the film) smartly sets up that the camera can bring just as much terror as Michael Myers, and the reveal after the first scene is a strikingly great shot. Curtis and Pleasance play their parts well, but unfortunately, the rest of the cast is hit-and-miss. Carpenter's score is absolutely incredible, consistently bringing chills despite its unchanging tones. The film also sticks its landing, something that can be rarely be said about 70s horror from what this reviewer has seen. Halloween is a film perfect for its titular holiday; lacking in scares but excelling in scary atmosphere and pure fun.

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