Cinderella ★½

There’s actually a lot to like about Cinderella (2021), but unfortunately there’s a lot more to hate.

I thought it looked good and was glad to see them go full on musical. It also had quite a bit of surprisingly good comedy, especially from Tallulah Greive, Pierce Brosnan, and Billy Porter, who I really liked as the “Godmother”. I absolutely hated the modern pop songs put in the film instead of the more traditional Cinderella songs and they were cringe-inducing choices at that. What a terrible fucking choice, that seems to only serve record industry and Camila Cabello. Speaking of Camila Cabello, I feel like I have to mention that she’s a terrible actress. I didn’t know she was a pop star but it makes sense and I know they’re just riding her coat tails but her acting was high school theater levels. The music itself was pretty great.. If I was a middle school aged girl in the mid 2000’s. Every song felt like it was trying to be a Mid 2000’s pop song and I don’t really get that except that the writer and director are out of touch? Also, why do studio’s keep giving James Cordon a chance? Just in the past few years he has been involved in some of the most insufferable films I’ve ever seen; The Emoji Movie, Cats, and The Prom. He isn’t even funny, he’s just fucking obnoxious. I try to not let someone I dislike stop me from watching a film, but I’m considering just not watching anything Cordon is involved in anymore.

I think this would have been pretty decent if they had gone with the more traditional Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella with a more progressive take on the characters and writing. I really appreciated the more modern look, feel, and politics of the film; those aspects really worked for me in it.

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