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  • Rebels of the Neon God
  • Prison on Fire
  • Joan of Arc of Mongolia

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  • Taiga



    A phenomenal, extensive anthropological archive of northern Mongolia, and the people who inhabit it. Clocking in at a massive 500 minutes, this was one of the most rewarding cinematic experiences of my life. The main reason being Ulrike Ottinger's ability to capture the majesty of the Taiga, and the unobtrusiveness in how she does it. You always feel like a welcome bystander, as her camera slowly pans across snow-capped mountains, lush forests, and the vast steppes, while lingering on the…

  • Latcho Drom

    Latcho Drom


    I am lucky to have great friends who have not only helped me along my journey in international cinema, but also opened my eyes to the wonder of international music. Music is one of the greatest connectors for our species. It has been with us since our beginning, and it is one of the rare artforms that transcends the language barrier. Music is a feeling more than anything else, and that is something the director, Tony Gatliff understood. None of…

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  • Prison on Fire

    Prison on Fire


    Superintendent: We need to know the reason. Why do you fight all the time?

    Ching: Go ask Mickey.

    Warden: The superintendent is asking you right now.

    Ching: Simple. It was your fault.

    Warden: 41671, watch your words or I'll sue you for slander.

    Ching: I will definitely watch my words. You inspected the cell that morning. You took him to the security room.

    Warden: That's policy, nothing to do with you.

    Ching: Why pick on him? You know damn well…

  • A Hen in the Wind

    A Hen in the Wind


    Shuichi: When did you start doing this? Why do you do this?

    Prostitute: All you men ask the same question. I have to do this.

    Shuichi: Why?

    Prostitute: I have to support my family.

    You do what you have to do to survive. I love post WW2 era Japanese cinema, specifically because Ozu, Kinoshita, Naruse, Mizoguchi, Kawashima, and others typically chose not to judge their fellow Japanese based on what they had to do to survive during, and after the war. Not one of Ozu's greatest, but it's still him through and through, and definitely worth watching.

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  • Sunday School Musical

    Sunday School Musical


    If God was real why does this exist?

  • Full Contact

    Full Contact


    Judge: You're the one I admire most. My only regret is I couldn't sleep with you.

    Jeff: I'd regret it more if I couldn't kill you.

    Judge: Then you'll definitely be disappointed.

    Jeff: We don't know who's going to die first yet.

    Judge: You think your knife will be faster than my gun? (Really fucking cool shit happens)....You're so cruel! Even though we're not married, I wanted to die with you.

    Jeff: Well. Go masturbate in hell!

    Simon Yam the…