Top Gun

Top Gun ★★★★

I have been busy lately with the first week of the summer semester, but I revisited this film. 

Despite its flaws, Top Gun is a movie I enjoy more each time I watch it. Yes, the chemistry between Tom Cruise and Kelly McGillis was not great. Where was Rebecca De Mornay? I told one of my friends how this movie should have been written as a gay romance between Iceman and Maverick. The tension was legit, and I would have praised it highly. The script’s development of action scenes are abrupt and need another rewrite. Still, I cannot think of many military advertisements this entertaining. If you look into the movie’s legacy, you will recognize how Top Gun’s effect on people would lead them to enlist. The awesome music and beautifully framed shots must have contributed to the appeal. I would be lying if I do not listen to Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away” daily. Of the Bruckheimer productions, this holds up more than many. Anyways, I will take this over Red Dawn any day. 

I am excited to see Top Gun: Maverick. 

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