Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Quick thoughts:

* Seeing Samuel L. Jackson without an eyepatch is so uncomfortable for me. It make him look so naked.

* When I saw John C Reily on the cast list I got so excited thinking he was playing Kong. So naturally I got disappointed when I found out he was just some dude. But luckily that dude turned out to be a great character.

* How come John Goodman is scary and intimidating in everything other than Monsters Inc., the film where he plays a terrifyingly monsters?

* It’s nice to finally have seen a movie where I don’t 100% hate Brie Larson’s character.

Overall I really enjoyed this, should I have watched King of Monsters AFTER this instead of before? Ya probably. But I’m glad I watched it in the order I did because now I’m in a jamming mood to go see GvK tomorrow IN THEATERS! What can I say? I just had to see Kong win on the big screen.

And oh ya. Kong’s gonna win. #TeamKong all the way. I know I was on #TeamTom last month and I wasn’t exactly right about that BUT MARK MY WORDS. This time I’m right.

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