Annihilation ★★★


Just positive on this for how it head-rammed into camp material with po-faced, arthouse sensibilities, which is a little charming. Makes for genre-resplendent and gut-churning visuals, but could not move a brain cell beyond the plot. (Might be my brain's to blame.) There's no implication to all this, no expedition of the mind, just a premise and duration. Consistently, I was most surprised by how vast its literal vision was compared to how limited its figurative one. Except for the cliches and retreads, do any of its mysteries refract anywhere but back at itself? Shouldn't science fiction like this be a mirror to the audience and not a shimmering wall?

Passed up reading the book recently to give the movie a better shot. Might just read it now out of curiosity as to how this came from it

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