Blonde ★★★★★

A fascinating, FASCINATING dissection that takes a fictionalized tale of perhaps Hollywood's biggest star in Marilyn Monroe, and explores the idea of the 'celebrity' and how they are (or how Norma Jean was) seen through the gaze of the public rather than the life of their own self. A tale of a public's perception taking over the life of another human being.

A clear fictional tale, through & through, but one that will challenge its audience to see what it has to offer, if they are willing to come in on its terms. With an outstanding lead performance from Ana de Armas & some incredible visuals, the film is sure to invest those willing to be challenged.

The internet really will have you believe this is some 3hr assault of a tortured soul. But it's not entirely. There's a lot of light scattered throughout various moments & people in Norma Jean's life that really give prominence to the brutality of the film. Aside from perhaps pushing the boundaries of that brutality too far, once or twice, the film is a rather incredible piece of work.

It'd be cruel not to mention the incredible work going on behind the camera here, as well. With some phenomenal camera & lens work, the visuals of the film are off the charts. As well as that, there's an incredible soundscape to the film, with plenty of amazing sound design, along with an AMAZING score from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis.

There's a lot to take in here... A LOT. But this is one of the most bold & ambitious films of the 2020's thus far & it will definitely plague the mind for a very, very long time.

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