Aftersun ★★★★★

Framed through reflections of the past, Aftersun is an exploration of memories of life & time. How at one point your parents are your parents, and the next they are people. How we can never truly know them through the lives they throw down for us. While we bask in innocence, they’re people living out their lives. How at a time we needed their help, when they also needed help of their own. Could we have provided that if we knew? We create & break bonds. We learn to love. We learn to hate. We look for answers to questions we don’t even know. All of this eventually comes to us, in time. As we grow & learn, we begin to reframe moments of our past in ways that may reflect differently with new found knowledge. 

To tell all this, and so much more, in such a simplistic & beautiful way on debut is absolutely mind boggling. Charlotte Wells has created a pretty precious film that’ll be in my minds time capsule for a very long time. 

Maybe I’m rambling. Maybe I’m pulling shit out of my ass. All I know is I’m profoundly effected by this film in ways that may only become clear upon reflection.

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