Up in Smoke

Up in Smoke ★★★½

Yes, I did in fact watch this last night so that the review of it would be posted on April 20... and I imagine there are some reading this who are currently celebrating 4/20. I won't get into what I think the laws regarding weed should be, in order to avoid any arguments... man. But I can say that in my life I have known my share of stoners and they were all cool cats.

Anyway, this was the film debut for the Cheech & Chong characters and it's an origin story of how they first meet up, the adventures they have looking for some pot, them ingesting pot and several other illegal substances, their time in Mexico, and their newly formed band. It's really a series of sketches and it's not a rock-solid plot, but that is OK with me when the movie is usually pretty amusing, whether it's the jokes about getting high/wanting to get high, wanting to have sex, Cheech & Chong arguing with each other, or whatever else. I am amused that Paramount took the chance to bring those two to the silver screen and create the “stoner comedy” genre. It's never been a critical darling but it's always been a cult favorite.

What does help was that they were an underground act since the late 60's so it's no question that they have quality timing and repartee, and it does help with this movie. I understand that some of their comedy bits from the past (including their albums; I don't know for certain as I've only heard a small amount of their comedy albums) were brought into the film and you also hear one of their most famous tunes, Earache My Eye. The rest of the soundtrack was nice, ranging from Leiber and Stoller music to Low Rider.

The movie is pretty silly and there definitely is politically incorrect moments... but I have always enjoyed it for what it was and it's always made me laugh. If you partake in the cheeba cheeba often or even if you smoke some Maui Wowie then watch this, it's probably a 5 star motion picture.

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