Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

I don't typically mention the movies I revisit which have already been reviewed here and don't need new reviews... come to think of it, they usually aren't mentioned by me anywhere online whatsoever. However, it's been four years since I saw Skull Island (on the big screen), Godzilla vs. Kong will be seen by me on the big screen Monday night-that review will be up Tuesday evening-and as I've avoided all trailers & commercials, haven't read any of the reviews my mutuals have done yet, and have only seen a few clips of the film... it was a mystery to me whether anything mentioned here will be brought up in the new film. Turns out, a review I did glance at mentioned the whole “Hollow Earth” plot point which explains where kaiju hide most of the time... that was first brought up here.

Until last night I had no idea that my original review from 2017 is one of my most popular, at 31 likes as of this moment. That will of course stay up as I elaborate upon my 2021 thoughts of this. Overall, my opinion really has not changed. It is no surprise that this is like the 2019 Godzilla movie and the new one in terms of fan ratings... as many are “meh” or worse about it as there is passionate love for the end product. Skull Island is a B movie through and through (even with a quality cast), the needle drops are too frequent, not all the humor lands and it's a shame that Jing Tian did not have more to do.

That said, this was still a pretty good time overall. The aesthetics were still great-there are many pretty sequences and nice uses of color, not to mention the lovely tropical locations that served as the title location. The story has cliches but at least the characters weren't irritating bores, or boring. Most importantly for a big blockbuster like this, the computer effects look great, all the monsters were delightful to see and the kaiju battles still thrilled me. To mention two details only tangentially related to the movie... some people's opinion of Brie Larson has changed in the last four years-let's not get into why that is the case-and it's still hilarious that director Jordan Vogt-Roberts on Twitter called out CinemaSins for being so terrible and uttering many stupid illogical comments in their “critiques”... I am glad that someone “in the business” called them out because everything concerning that channel is just terrible and me ignoring them is blissful ignorance.

Anyhow, this now has me REALLY pumped up for Monday night; hopefully I go APE for Godzilla vs. Kong.

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