Doctor X

Doctor X ★★★

This was a movie that was on Turner Classic Movies late last night so I figured I would give it a watch; its horror plot, two strip technicolor, and stylish ways made it sound interesting.

In short, it's about a head of a college (Doctor Xavier) which happens to have a bunch of eccentric weirdos in its science department and he's convinced by the cops that one of those professors is a serial killer of women who leaves his mark only during a full moon... oh, and the killer's a cannibal too. Via a Rube Goldbergian process the Dr. tries to experiment and figure out who the killer is. A newspaper reporter (who, while having some amusing moments, is more often “odious comic relief”) and the Doctor's daughter (Fay Wray) also figure into the proceedings.

Like I said this is filmed in an early version of Technicolor, which is definitely not refined like what we're familiar with, but it gives the movie a unique look. It has a pretty good atmosphere, cool makeup from Max Factor, really nice sets from Anton Grot (a lot of the action takes place in an old Gothic mansion, which does help in the atmosphere department) and nice usage of light and shadow. Unfortunately it does drag at times despite it being only 76 minutes long and that odious comic relief... it's a shame.

At least the movie has memorable moments (including tense ones) and a pretty rad finale in particular due to its ghoulish and wacky nature.

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