Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips ★★★★½

I'll be honest and say that for the most part I avoid the films of Paul Greengrass; that is because I don't care for his style of film making. Shaky cam and too quick cuts... no thank you.

However, while watching this I didn't even really notice any shaky cam or too quick cuts. That is a big endorsement right there. I really knew little about the real life story this is based upon so of course I was always interested in this very intense movie. It's so well-done and both the hero and the villains were intriguing characters, as the heels were really pawns in a bigger game.

Both the newbie actors and Hanks brought it and were great in their roles. As others have said, Tom's final 10 or so minutes on screen... wow. That was so tremendous, you are reminded why Hanks has been beloved and an A-list actor for so long.

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