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  • Die Hard
  • Aliens
  • GoodFellas
  • The General

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  • Fist of Fury


  • Problem Child


  • The World Moves On


  • Thieves' Highway


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  • Fist of Fury

    Fist of Fury

    A grand old time even if you saw the dubbed version like I did. That print is for free on Prime while the original language cut costs a few bucks. It seemed like the right time to see an action-oriented film and why not some martial arts where I saw some dudes get wrecked? The dub did help make it less serious due to its quality and inherent cheesy nature; that said…

    It was a plot which does sound simple…

  • Problem Child

    Problem Child

    In 2022, I am amazed that this was a hit 32 years ago. Yes, when I was a little kid this movie was watched by me; at the time I preferred the first sequel but Lord only knows what my opinion would be now as an adult. This revisit actually happened Wednesday night (along with the picture I last reviewed, The World Moves On) so there was no rush on Thursday right before it left Tubi.

    With adult eyes, what…

Popular reviews

  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

    This movie is still a classic and there are still plenty of people who think that this is gore-soaked when you hardly see any violence for the most part; it's more the low-budget sleazy factor and the great atmosphere and mood that make it unnerving to watch. It's still effective today; if only most of the sequels/remakes/alleged sequels went with this style instead of the direction they turned to.

  • Thieves' Highway

    Thieves' Highway

    Undoubtedly the most intense and grittiest movie ever made about apples. I've known of this movie for awhile now and at least at this moment, it is otherwise difficult to track down so when TCM ran the film earlier in the month, it was DVR'ed and finally it was watched last night by me.

    It is a film noir surrounding... the hauling of apples to an open market. It is actually a very good picture that has what you'd want…