Jagged Edge

Jagged Edge ★★★

A very sturdy thriller that is mostly a courtroom drama bookended by two slasher-worthy scenes of assault.

Jagged Edge gives you everything you'd expect from an 80s murder case courtroom thriller but its script by Joe Eszterhas is definitely more restrained than you might anticipate, except for a healthy helping of cursing perhaps.

Everything here essentially plays out like genre clockwork but the film offers a capable back and forth as to the question of Bridges' innocence and it actually satisfies with how it ultimately plays out because it stays true to the persona of the killer being described as someone that's cold as ice and very methodical about everything theye do.

Is it just me, or is funny that there is a Return of the Jedi poster in the young boy's room and that the director of this film, Richard Marquand, also directed that film?

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