Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

So, it turns out the best films in the MonsterVerse are the ones directed by the guys who would each earn a beautiful beard win from CinemaWins.

What a fun titan mash-up that absolutely wastes no time getting things started and actually keeps a good balance between the all-out action and the human aspects and characters.

While this seems to be the conclusion of both Godzilla and Kong's stories for now, there is a clear heart for and focus on Kong this time around, so I'd say it's by design more of a sequel to the big ape's first outing than a real Godzilla sequel but still neither is getting short-changed in this.

Wingard and his crew also dive deep into the theories laid out by the previous films and they do so quite literally where the Hollow Earth theory is concerned, which involves a heavily scientific component, so it only fits that Tom Holkenborg fires on all those beautiful synthie cylinders that are fused with the pounding drums that occasionally resemble the powerful sounds he and Zimmer created for Man of Steel back in 2013. There is also a quite beautiful, ethereal flute them for Kong that lives throughout the film but it could have been used even more for my taste as it is very soothing and rich in emotion.