Where the Crawdads Sing

Where the Crawdads Sing ★★

Daisy Edgar-Jones is giving it her all here but in the end, I can’t imagine this movie doing anything for non book readers. Where the Crawdads Sings at times feels like it was only made for fans of the novel and in spite of everyone else due to its odd structure and tonal issues. The premise of the movie is this loner woman named Kya being accused of murdering a man she had relations with. The story is told via flashbacks over the course of the trial but I honestly could never find the true drama of it. The evidence the police presents is shoddy at best. I never once felt like Kya was in any danger of being convicted… Yet at the same time it was almost as if her lawyer was doing a poor job of representing her as well as the movie gets going the whole town is against her. I don’t know I found the whole movie odd. As if there were details that I was just missing on. My big takeaway here I guess is that between this film and Fresh, Daisy Jones is an actress I’m gonna be keeping an eye on.

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