Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

Paramount wasted no time in following up last year’s horror hit SCREAM (2022) which reinvigorated public interest into this horror franchise and launched a big year for young stars like Melissa Barrera and Jenna Ortega. Speaking of Ortega, well in a short amount of time she’s quickly become a household name. And it was apparent in the quick turnaround between sequels that Paramount wanted a much more expanded role for Ortega this time around who was mostly sidelined in the hospital in Scream 5. In a weird twist of fate, last week’s big release of Creed III saw a franchise staple in Sly Stallone not return to his fabled franchise. This weekend, Neve Campbell unfortunately did not return as Sidney Prescott for the first time in these films. The legacy characters returning here were Gale Weathers (Cournety Cox who is the only actor who can claim she was in every film now.) and Kirby Reed who returns as a FBI agent after fighting Ghostface in Scream 4. I say all this because, with leads Barrera and Ortega now fully helming this series, sprinkled in with the legacy characters who did return, I didn’t find myself missing Sidney at all (no disrespect Neve). Here we have a new and another entertaining entry into what I consider the most consistent long running horror franchise we have.

The survivors from Scream (2022) are now attending college in New York City. And in the marketing of Scream 6 that was the big thing right? Ghostface takes Manhattan. That was the big element of the movie and to be honest, it leads to a lot of fun encounters between the Carpenter sisters and the new killer. In the trailers you’ve seen the encounter they have in a bodega with Ghostface which honestly might be my favorite encounter of the movie. Full of tension that sequence was. To a very suspenseful and Joker esque subway scene in which many kids were wearing the Ghostface mask for Halloween clouding who the potential killer really is. Speaking of Ghostface, well Scream 6 might have the claim to being easily the most violent entry of this franchise. You can argue this version of Ghostface is the most sadistic and brutal one yet.

6 Movies in, I can honestly say you're either on board with these movies by now or you're not. Scream 6 is more of the same in that it references horror movies and franchises we all know and love. Even with the meta approach these movies take, I’m still surprised they still manage to find ways to subvert your expectations as well. Once again, just trying to guess who the killer is, is the highlight of these films and fun particularly if you're watching with friends. What this movie sets out to do which is to give audiences fun, violent and suspenseful Ghostface chase/call scenes it succeeds with. Not a perfect movie by any stretch. In fact, overall I think I prefer the prior entry Scream 5 slightly to this film. The reason being, (No Spoilers) when the killer is revealed in the closing moments of the film I had virtually no reaction to it. I think it was a combination of being too predictable and slightly underwhelming that made me feel this way. The other thing too and again no spoilers, but there were too many times in this movie where someone is stabbed in the gut or torso 10 times but somehow lives to tell the tale. Scream 6 just featured one too many cop-out survivors so these characters can return for the likely 7th entry. Two in particular really bothered me but I’ll discuss those at a future time. Commit! That’s all I ask because then I’ll think everyone can survive anything at a certain point. A couple of potential significant and weighty deaths get wasted here. 

That being said, Scream 6 is still a highly entertaining and wild ride. It was nice to see Jenna Ortega with an expanded role, and the legacy characters came and kicked ass. (Really glad to have Kirby back in particular. )The way the movie ends, I think it’s pretty apparent there’s going to be another film in this franchise coming and quickly. And given the success this movie looks to be having, I think we can expect it soon. I hope the producers and Neve Campbell are able to work out their differences. One more adventure with Sidney and now the Carpenter Sisters could be helluva lot of fun to see again.

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