Finch ★★★

What if I Am Legend and Chappie had a baby? That would be Finch. The new Apple TV+ film starring Tom Hanks is enjoyable 2 hour road trip movie between Man, his best friend, and his science project. This is pretty simple, this is a film primarily starring one person so it takes a special kind of actor to carry a movie like this. Well if you’ve watched Cast Away before you already know Tom Hanks is capable. 

I must say I was particularly impressed with the visual effects. The robot Jeff I thought looked sensational for a streaming movie. Looked like a combination of no cap and practical effects. I thought Jeff would be annoying at first, but he becomes the heart of the movie really. And that’s what I’ll say about Finch, it’s got a lot of heart and sweet moments as these 3 build a relationship over the course of the runtime. My only gripe is I wish we could’ve learned more about this interesting world they set up with the flare, and how humanity has gone down a dark path. We don’t get a lot of that at all. But Hanks good performance and endearing dog and robot make this film worth watching.

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