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    Golden opportunity missed in turning this into a viable franchise. Yes I understand there were two sequels made after this film but they don’t deserve to be mentioned at all compared to this film. Changing the archetype of the secret agent a la James Bond is a good starting point to jump off and go crazy in the world of action adventure and espionage. Probably wasn’t going to get Vin to commit full time due to the success of Fast…

  • League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis

    League of Denial: The NFL’s Concussion Crisis


    I have a conflicted relationship with the sport of football. Growing up, sitting down on a Sunday morning and taking in your favorite team is a pastime that I still enjoy but now I am having second thought. Over time, seeing players getting brutally hit, knocked out, sustaining injuries, concussions, and the potential for players to become paralyzed due to the worst hit at the wrong time is something that troubles me each time I watch football. This game was…

  • Disturbing Behavior

    Disturbing Behavior


    Some things could be forgivable if the screenplay wasn’t so rancid with lines such as this: 

    “Self mutilate this, fluid boy” 

    “Science is God” 

    “I bet you didn’t know toast came in three flavors” 

    “Every time one of these kids gets a hard-on they go out and beat somebody with it” 

    “Look at him, he’s killing his hard-on”

    Juvenile and corny even for a 1998 film.

  • The Menu

    The Menu


    A blazing critique and well done thriller that goes deeper than what is on the surface of the plate. Obsession and sacrifice to one’s occupation may bring success and respect but is ultimately a life lacking in happiness and free time to pursue other activities that can bring everlasting value. The snobbish air of personality among the rich and famous, food critics who layer over each element of a food item like a dictionary, and the chefs who have lost…

  • Luckiest Girl Alive

    Luckiest Girl Alive


    Surprisingly effective in its message even with the rhetoric not being anything new in the age of #MeToo. Mika Kunis doesn’t come out that much for films these days and I wish she would because she shows to be a commendable actress when given the right material to shine. A little bit of Promising Young Woman ethos can be found in its exploration of trauma and how the past is something that contained to stay with us even if we…

  • Let the Right One In

    Let the Right One In


    Pure greatness. A vampire film that has a lot of soul and carries its weight in the beauty of companionship in the face of unique differences. A human boy living next door to a female vampire; two kids seeing the goodness in one another without the shallowness and pre judgment that many others fall victim to in the world. The brutality of the violence is not understated but the human relationship factor takes precedence which makes for a beautiful experience. Horror has never been more empathetic.

  • Overboard



    There should have never been a remake. Some films should be left alone to enjoy the legacy they have created and sustained over decades for good reason. Delightful and hilarious all the way through. Hawn and Russell in their best element which is enhanced by their off screen chemistry.

  • It Follows

    It Follows


    The use of wide open spaces and deep focus shots adds to the mysterious and blood chilling creepiness of It Follows, a horror film that gives warning that any instant could be the moment where life isn’t the same as it once was. Diabolically frightening to the unlucky victims forced to live every day fighting a seemingly insurmountable invisible foe to others that can walk up at anytime. No prior knowledge of how the curse begins which brings it down a notch in my book. Still a original creation that doesn’t lack for showmanship direction and careful function with the camera.

  • Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

    Black Panther: Wakanda Forever


    It was always a tough task for the new Black Panther to go on without their frontman, the late great Chadwick Boseman, and having to pick up the pieces in producing a worthy sequel; luckily, this is a case of success. Wakanda Forever not only pays tribute but also shows how hard it can be to move on past from losing our loved ones and finding peace with the fact they aren’t here anymore. Understanding that death is not the end…

  • Don't Worry Darling

    Don't Worry Darling


    Honestly had a better time with this than most others. Sure the plot threads are a  big heap of doozy once it head towards the climactic conclusion, but it looks beautiful from a cinematography standpoint, engaging sound design, and Florence Pugh doing what she does best in carrying everything on her back. The initial premise is mysterious and sinister enough that you are strongly curious to what exactly seems to be afoot in this fantasy like suburbia. Kudos to the…

  • Sleeping Beauty

    Sleeping Beauty


    Breathtaking style of animation that carries detail in the background, color scheme, costume accessories, and the framing makes it even more majestic. This is one of those films that will be treated well by a new Ultra HD restoration, which may be in works for future efforts from Criterion given there were able to do WALL-E. The story follows the same template of romantic animation films of the era  with true love being the force that is more powerful than anything on Planet Earth. Enjoyable for the most part and a delightful film to watch for its technical merit.

  • Causeway



    A story about humans figuring out how to move on from trauma and finding the beauty in connection and friendship. Our past can define us but it doesn’t have to be our future and it is okay to be vulnerable and in need of help. Running away from our issues only exacerbates the pain and anguish we think that leaving fixes; in order to find a way towards peace, sometimes you have walk through the valley of darkness. Lawrence dives…