Pig ★★★

This is an unconventional take on the revenge sub genre. More of a drama centered on a man coming to terms with pain and demons that have caused him to reject being a member of industrial society and sharing a special bond with a truffle pig. If there is appetite for seeing Nicholas Cage go full mayhem with getting in bloody gunfights and other dangerous displays of machoism, be ready to have an empty dinner plate. The vulnerability of Cage’s character and the scars he wears full frontal adds layers of poignancy and correlates with the setting of the Pacific Northwest which sees a lot of rainfall and cloudy days. Say what you want about the baffling choices Cage makes and has made in his career but when he is allowed to be a down to earth human character, it’s touching to watch. Seeing Alex Wolff in anything automatically makes any film a better experience and he give dimension to what would be a superficial and plastic hotshot character in the hands of other actors. Director Michael Sarnoski hits at how important connection is to the human experience, leveling indictment at capitalism, the price of greed, the loss of morals in a world that values what a person has more than who they are, and the beauty of cooking and food. Outside of some pacing issues and the lack of relevance when it comes to most of the characters, there is mostly good elements to unearth in this dark drama.

2021 RANKED 

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