Hereditary ★★★★★

The first film in my lifetime that I was wrong about on my first watch. The images in this film are some of the most disturbing I have seen and genuinely had me soul searching once the final credits roll. Toni Collette will get that Oscar nomination based on the dinner scene alone. Alex Wolff had me in his corner the whole time, a supporting performance which stands as one of the strongest this year. Once I was able to pick together little clues and moments that take on a different meaning in the end, my mind was blown at the amount of care and detail in a horror film that elevates its to a class not populated by many others. Its not just a film about scary entities and secrets, it tackles grief, regret, depression with so much levity not seen even in so called "drama" films. Phenomenal sound design that had me in my moments of solitude afterwards thinking there were noises in the vicinity of my house; in other words, it took me a while to feel comfortable going to sleep last night. The atmosphere won't give you an easy out to relieve yourself; creepy, troubling, and hard to know what will make your skin crawl next. This film is unforgettable in more ways than one.

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