Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★

We are poor, but we’re happy

After Isle of Dogs, there is no reason for me not to be here right now speaking glorious words about the ingenious manner of Wes Anderson’s stop motion animation excursions. Assembling a incredible voice acting cast and immaculate moments of visual nirvana, Fantastic Mr. Fox is a tale that embraces what makes each one of us different and appreciating those differences in a world where fitting in is beneath our independence as free thinkers and captains of our fate. The battle with self acceptance that comes with learning to value what makes someone unlike anybody else. Pride and ego and how it can impact not just the person who wields it but the people around them sometimes in a harmful manner. Responsibility and the capability to change without losing the essence of who you are. Appreciation for what life grants a person (or in this case a family of foxes) no matter how small it may be to the dreams we carry; in this big world, there is always someone who will be thankful for the little selfless contributions and abilities that are done from the heart and mind. The cinematography is like a piece of candy; something that pleases the eyes like a piece of chocolate hitting the taste buds on the tongue and provides immaculate color usage. In the two films I have seen from Anderson, there is a connecting trait of visual imagery that feels unlike anything seen in the medium of animation. Put this and Isle in the same glowing praise given to a Pixar film.

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