A pure travesty. A film so far up its own ass that it confuses its own shitty farts as bouquets of red roses; pretentious would be a understatement to the levels of self absorbed grandstanding that Dominik adds to the story of a Hollywood legend. Confusing back and forth switches from black and white to color cinematography that is nice to look at from a cinematic point of view but really makes you scratch your head with what the purpose behind the many misaligned choices of structure, character portrayal, and inclusion of sex scenes that venture into poronographic real estate. What makes it worse speaking to the sexual beats of this story is that screams exploitation and attention grabbing for all the wrong reasons. Who can verify that these events went down like this in real life? Maybe the biggest issue is the book that this film spawns from which comes off more as a scum filled attempt at a storied cash grab off the trauma and pain of Marylin Monroe.  Apologies to Ana De Armas for being subjected to this and having to cry in practically every scene she is present; painful to see a actress as talented and radiant as this be reduce to being the victim of a director who doesn’t know how to use her strengths. Sitting through 167 minutes of this is agonizing and a test of the highest levels of patience. Blonde was a mistake and the worst part is that there are people out there patting themselves on the back for this final product.

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