Another Round

Another Round ★★★★

A sign of confident directing when a film can effectively make you feel the highest of highs but also be as effective when dealing with serious drama. Another Round is a cathartic ode to friendship, joy, heartache, and the passage of time complete with a radical social experiment that asks for a consistent blood alcohol level of 0.50%. The group dynamic between Mikkelsen, Larsen, Millang, and Ranthe shines bright like starts in the nighttime sky. No need for any flashbacks or an in-depth backstory, this group of guys feel believable as men with different individual traits but a shared care and love for one another like a family. It would have been easy for Vinterberg to deliver this story as a full on slapstick funny ride given the influence of alcohol into the narrative; thankfully the director also sheds light onto the existential crisis these adult men face moving away from the freedom of youth. The added responsibilities of marriage, kids, and work can be consuming enough to take over individuality turning anyone into a cog living a mundane routine day to day. What I found to be the message of the film is that there is power in choosing to not to lose who you are no matter the station you are in life. Happiness can be found everyday in loosing the metaphorical stiffness that can come saddled with being an adult and let loose responsibly. The ending is pure magic with a sense of naturalism that you can't help but be enamored. What the hell am I saying: This whole film is stardust mixed with passion.


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