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  • American Fiction

    American Fiction


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    The dumber I act, the richer I get

    This film makes for a great debut feature with Get Out. The genres are vastly different but the main message is all the same. Black experiences being grossly mishandled in the eyes of well meaning white liberals who carry their own subconscious bias and prejudices that do more harm than overt displays of racism. Taking the experiences of black people to heart only when it comes to depictions of trauma and dysfunction…

  • Past Lives

    Past Lives


    The choices we make throughout our lives may be inconsequential in the moment until we realize the long standing impact years and sometimes decades later. If only this one decision went another way, life would be fundamentally altered. Our spouse wouldn’t be our spouse, our careers would be different, our home, hobbies, friendships, so much more. It’s a guessing game that we can play but ultimately can become carried away with the vast possibilities. Past Lives is a beautifully crafted…

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  • Priscilla



    A postmodern view of Elvis Presley and the way the story tackles problematic subject matter with a responsible tact makes for a standout historical drama. Seeing this through the eyes of Priscilla, a teenage girl who become a victim of grooming, makes for an enlightening and dark watch of relationship dysfunction. The time period is from late 50s to mid 70s but it feels modern in tone and its conversation. Subtext illuminates where in another director’s incapable hands, the commentary…

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    A superb piece of filmmaking. It doesn’t even have to try and be great, it just is. Essential not just for the 90s but for the greater good of cinema. This is 90s youth culture in a bottle; exciting, full of angst, unafraid, and questioning their place in the vast world. A modern black and white film is my weakness especially if it can look as magnificent as this. The camera is the star of the show; using different maneuvers…

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  • 8-Bit Christmas

    8-Bit Christmas


    This is what Home Sweet Home Alone should have been.

    2021 RANKED 

  • Candyman



    The modern update of the supernatural entity known as Candyman is impressive how it weaves racial and systemic inequalities, generational trauma, Cronenberg body horror, and Hitchcock inspired atmosphere. Nia DaCosta shows that she is a student of the great directors whose bread and butter are psychological thriller/horror; the handle of the camera with its revealing close ups, hypnotizing tracking shots, wide angles, and upside down/reserve motifs keep the viewer on edge and enclosing the senses in an inescapable prison of…