The Woodsman and the Rain

The Woodsman and the Rain ★★★★

Such a great movie about making a movie

I usually always enjoy watching these kind of films because its always really interesting to see the film making process and all of the obstacles that have to be overcome in order to get exactly what you want. The Woodsman and the Rain has a lot of heart and leaves you with a very warm inside.

The story is great and balances a mix of drama and comedy really well which reminded me a lot of Sawako Decides which has the same style of dry humour, I really enjoyed all of the character development and how the two main characters really grew over the course of the film.

The Lumberjack Katsuhiko at first hates the anxiety ridden director because he reminds him a lot of his hopeless son but as the film progresses he gets to know the director better and they become good friends, the friendship helps to boost the directors confidence and find his his voice as a filmmaker which in return helps Katsuhiko understand his own son a lot better.

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