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  • Dancer in the Dark
  • Breaking the Waves
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me
  • Blue Velvet

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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    The Legacy That Lars Built

    Jack and Lars are one and the same, both are ambitious neurotics who are searching for perfection and this story is a retrospective of their chosen careers. It's easy to take 'The House That Jack Built' at face value and shrug it off as a self indulgent, narcissistic, masturbatory work from Von Trier... and to a certain extent it is that but it's not without meaning.

    'The Depression Trilogy' was Von Trier at his most…

  • Antichrist



    Human Nature and Living With Depression

    There are two very important films in Lars Von Trier's filmography, the first being 'Breaking the Waves' which saw Von Trier utilize the handheld camera which would go on to be a defining factor of his work. 'Breaking the Waves' also saw Von Trier shift from fantastical, surrealist works (The Europe Trilogy) to films that were much more grounded and realistic (The Golden Heart Trilogy).

    'Breaking the Waves' and the films that proceeded it…

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  • The Age of Undutiful Children

    The Age of Undutiful Children



    Swap England for Japan and The Beatles for The Spiders and you have the Asian equivalent to 'Help!' A bunch of these Japanese boyband films were released in the late 60's, in hopes of recreating the success of 'Help' and I'm all for it! I'm not a fan of The Beatles (This really shouldn't be a controversial opinion) but I am a fan of anything weird that comes from Japan so these Japanese boyband films are much more my…

  • Age 17

    Age 17


    Teenage Wildlife

    'Age 17' must've been a passion project for Kinoshita, at least that's what I'm telling myself. I can't understand why else Kinoshita would only choose to focus on acting when he has such a unique eye for visuals and such a strong voice as a director. It's a shame Kinoshita's directorial credits aren't nearly as dense as his acting credits but I suppose that's part of what makes 'Age 17' so special. Maybe it's a case of style…

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  • The Queen Is Dead

    The Queen Is Dead

    Can't believe the Queen will never get to play GTA6 or Overwatch 2. So sad.

  • Blue Spring

    Blue Spring


    Enjoy Spring While It Lasts, When Your An Adult It's Nothing But Winter

    When you are growing up you are lead to believe that anything is possible and that the world is your oyster, there are endless possibilities out there and you should aim for the stars... but in reality you have very few options, life is miserable and if you aim for the stars you are going to come crashing right back down to Earth.

    Being at school is…