Fear Street: 1666

Fear Street: 1666 ★★★★½

If the title alone was not enough a sign already, it suggests that it's taking place more than 300 years before it's predessessors, than the opening scenes already will get you out of the dream. The trailer was right, Fear street part three: 1666 is different, and by far the darkest chapter of the three.

Not only does it rely a lot less on jumpscares, it also actually delves into some seriously bleak and macabre territory, resulting in the most eerily haunting chapter thusfar. The witch hunt is white-knuckle tense, resulting in a gripping, genuinely creepy journey, bringing some of the best executed scares within the trilogy, and also gives us some of the most frightening imagery the trilogy has brought up so far (the church with the children was especially alarming, and definitely a memorable scene). As it appears to be one of the trilogy's trademarks, there of course are a few twists and turns that turn the story upside down, once again, convincingly and the way the past and present are tied together is satisfyingly done, with no lack of thrills at all. This might even be the most thrilling, most uninteruptedly tense chapter of the three, as it's not boring for a single second. The switch around halfway into the film might be a bit too abrubt, but it doesn't slow the film down in any way and soon picks up smoothly from there, only to let the tension mount once more.

Accompanied by all those, by now beloved characters, we rumble towards the spectacular finale, worthy of it's set-up two films in the making. The character arcs conclude properly, they all get their fair share of screentime and they're all as energetically played and as satisfyingly written as before. Although, in the end, a few tiny details are left a bit murky, the final chapter in the Fear street trilogy is a large success, and a fantastic closure to a fantastic trilogy. It's the best thing Netflix has made in a while, and maybe even the best thing they've done so far. I've had a great time with it. Those films were all lively, thrilling, ambitious, surprisingly gruelling and aesthetically very pleasing and they all had a vivid and well constructed emotional core to it. I obviously loved it!

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